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Моите творения в Polyvore, разгледайте профила ми там –

Black Love by Rois Black Love by Rois

Pastel at the Office by Rois Pastel at the Office by Rois

September by Rois September by Rois

Helloween Reminder by RoisHelloween Reminder by Rois
One Nail Polish, Two Hаlloween Ideas One Nail Polish, Two Halloween Ideas by Rois

Black Lace Halloween by Rois Black Lace Halloween by Rois
Olive Grey Fall by Rois Olive Grey Fall by Rois
Brown Autumn, Blue Touch by Rois Brown Autumn, Blue Touch by Rois
Christmas Reminder Christmas Reminder by Rois

Mickey Winter by Rois Mickey Winter by Rois
Winter Dress by Rois Winter Dress by Rois

Merry Christmas by Rois My New Polyvore Group – All Kind Of Contests & Our First Contest – At Home For Christmas
Merry Christmas by Rois Merry Chirstmas! by Rois

Mickey Winter by Rois Our New Contest – How Do I See December
Merry Christmas! by adriana-zayn Contest Winner – Merry Christmas! by adriana-zayn

Union Jack Love by Rois New Contest – Union Jack Love

Pastel at the Office by Rois New Contest – At The Office

Owl Bag!! by simona-risi Contest Winner – Owl Bag!! by simona-risi

Union Jack by firefly7522 Contest Winner – Union Jack by firefly7522

Beige SaturdayBeige Saturday





Keep Calm and Always Smile


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